So, it’s 2.30pm on a Wednesday. Your desk has more empty diet coke cans than you can carry. You’ve reached an all new low as you consider that half ate stale donut sitting on the corner of your prison cell, I mean desk. Your Chrome browser has a hundred tabs open and your mind a trillion more. As you pluck your togs from between your butt cheeks you remember the importance of doing laundry but ain’t nobody got time for that when you’re this busy. 

If you are under the pump, the creative juices have plummeted and you’ve run out of ideas on how to fake your own death, here are the seven best ways to manage heavy workload at Kennard Koncept. (Let’s be honest, sometimes Monday arvo yoga at Bizdojo just doesn’t cut it).

7 Best Ways / Tips To Manage Heavy Workload

1) Multi-Tasking Is a No Go.

You’ve smashed out a whole lot of work but feel like you’ve completed a whole lot of nothing. Even though you’ve done a bunch of work nothing is finished. This means rewiring your brain to focus back in on already visited projects, which takes the time that you just don’t have. Prioritizing your list is key and so is completion. Focus in on what needs to be done instead of half completing a few things on your todo.

Say No to Multitasking for managing workload
Image Credit: Baylorbarbee

2) Management Software  – Trello

Second in our list of seven best ways to manage heavy workload is management software which is a gift from God when it’s crunch time. Our go to is the trusty ol’ trello. It helps prioritize and keep everyone in check, especially when there is more than one of you working on a task. It is like keeping everyone’s to-do lists in one place and is primo for teams, big and small.

7 Best Ways To Manage Heavy Workload - Trello

3) Just Don’t Do Work

It may sound like I’ve completely lost my marbles and from looking at the size of my to-do list I probs have but sometimes the best thing for a massive workload is a big break. Nothing is going to get done when your brain is completely cooked from 602 unread emails. Take a breather, regather and come back to it with fresh eyes.

Say no to work

4) Daily WIP

Make a game plan from the get-go. Sitting down with the team at the start of the day helps give focus and direction. It’s all about teamwork and delegating when it’s crunch time. It is also a great chance to hash out some ideas. Two brains are better that one and there is nothing we love more than a team brainstorming sesh.

7 Best Ways To Manage Heavy Workload - Daily WIP

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5) Set Yourself Up For Success

Sometimes putting on that red lippy and re-writing a tidy to do list helps. Look like you have your shit together and you will feel like you have your shit together.

To Do List

6) New Space, Who Dis?

Sometimes a change of scene or some motivational beats work a treat. Pump a Spotify playlist or set up shop at your local cafe. The aura and feel of a space can lift productivity. Feng shui is definitely something that helps us get in the zone.

Best Ways To Manage Heavy Workload - New Space

7) Incentives

Nothing like some good old fashioned bribery to help you smash those KPI’s. But seriously, it helps. These might not be big incentives but a little goes a long way – Something along the lines of if you finish that productivity blog post that you keep putting off it totally justifies you eating that whole block of hazelnut Whittakers chocy. No blog post, no chocolate.

Incentives a tip or way for better work management
Image Credit: Adamsmith

Hope you the tips or the ways to manage a heavy workload. Remember worrying is not a solution. Implementing these might lead you to reduce a huge amount of workload.

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