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Earl Bamber Racing

Upon arrival on the site, the visitor is surprised by action-packed video content. The thrilling nature of the motorsport industry makes web building for Earl Bamber and those alike easy.


Redesign their existing website with two sections - one for the Earl Bamber race team and one for Earl Bamber's personal racing career.


Design a new website using Wordpress.


Splitter Page.
UI Design.
UX Design.

Earl Bamber Racing.

For this website, we needed an area for both Earl Bamber’s race team and his personal racing career. To maximise impact, we created a landing splitter page that takes you to separate areas of the website. Both sections have standalone websites with slightly different branding – one has a white theme and left pop out menu and the other has a black theme and a horizontal menu.


Want to maximise impact? Video is a must. We offer full video and directing services in addition to any website build.

Left Menu.

Including a left menu adds a unique flow and aesthetic to the website.

Vehicle Garage.

The client wished to showcase all their team race cars in one area. By including a vehicle garage, visitors can easily swipe through the various cars by clicking right or left.

Loading Icon.

The internet doesn’t always operate at lightning speed. Loading icons ensure viewers won’t click past a loading video.


Have an image-rich website? A gallery is essential. For this website, we designed a gallery with user friendly navigation. Simply click the category and see the relevant images cascade across the page. Simple. elegant. effective.