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A New Way to get Paid.

Green Light Escrow was created by us, from scratch, to bring founder Maxwell Simmons-Russell’s unique idea to life.
Maxwell came to us with an idea that had never been done before. We love a challenge, so we took it and ran with it.
Green Light Escrow is a new digital platform that helps tradies secure their finances during building projects. Maxwell told us that a huge pain point for tradies is that significant amounts of money are on the table with projects, and sometimes (perhaps too often) the worst happens, and payments are not made.
Green Light Escrow’s aim is to give tradies peace of mind that when they finish a project, they will be paid on time, every time. Green Light’s service also means there is full transparency over costs and payment timelines from start to finish.

A Bold Idea Realised

For Maxwell’s vision, templated websites weren’t going to cut it. The innovative digital service relies heavily on a competent, fast and secure website, plus a complex back end was needed to house confidential information.
Green Light Escrow deals with financial transactions so our software had to be watertight and securely integrate with Maxwell’s banking partner.
Custom forms and a fully tailored user journey were also needed to ensure that the payment process was easy. Bringing users back again and again.
Green Light Escrow is a simple idea to help tradies get paid fairly. As is often the case, a simple idea needs complex, tailored software working behind the scenes to create an elegant solution. Which Charlie and Co were more than happy to design.

Green Light Escrow in the Media

Green Light Escrow’s service is housed completely within a Charlie and Co designed and developed website and was recently featured in Kiwi Entrepreneur Magazine. We are stoked at the traction the Kiwi owned, tech start up is getting already, and proud to be a part of it!

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