Hershey’s have combined two of our greatest passions – Webdesign and CHOCOLATE.

Marketing executives at Hershey’s Brazil recently came up with what they like to call the ‘eaternet’, the world’s first ‘edible’ website. The idea was to take sections of the web people love such as emojis, social icons, memes, and even the YouTube play button and create 1.5 kg chocolate masterpieces – How cool is that!

These trendsetting icons were refreshed daily, following the fads for that day. The campaign required chocolate lovers to purchase Hershey’s chocolate to access the site and enter. Hershey’s gifted social media influencers these artworks to raise campaign awareness – There is no hiding our jealousy.

If you are reading this Hershey’s New Zealand – We think you’d be silly not to follow in Brazil’s footsteps with this genius mouth watering campaign. We are more than happy to help you with the trial run 😉

Check out what the site looked like below: