Mum always said there are three things you should never discuss over dinner money, religion and most importantly politics. Clearly, Pepsi didn’t listen, but Heineken, on the other hand, accepted the challenge and presented differing political views in a beautiful and game changing way.

The social campaign “World’s Apart” is getting the attention it deserves. The short film starts by introducing two strangers ideological oppositions. These strangers then work through tasks such as building flat pack furniture, life pondering questions and creating a ‘bridge’. Here they are finally confronted with their ‘differences.’ They are given the option to walk or tackle the conflicting views like us Kiwis would (over a cold one).

The #openyourworld campaign has sparked conversation and gets people talking about massive controversial topics such as gender equality and global warming. Unfortunately, not everyone is convinced. Many have argued Heineken is just looking to sell a few extra brews over the weekend. But this campaign is backed by The Human Library, “a unique not-for-profit organisation that uses conversation to challenge stereotypes”. The Heineken campaign also has a Facebook chatbot connecting people from all around the globe.

Heineken has shown the world that messages bigger than the brand itself can be marketed with meaning and class. We are all for a united world and a beer or two (classic Team Kennard).

Check out the short video below –