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E-Commerce Tourism Web Development

Reef Sports

Upon arrival on the site, the visitor is immersed in an oceanic experience to drive interest in all that Reef Sports has to offer.


Build the Reef Sports brand online and showcase their diving products available online for purchase.


Build a Wordpress website compatible with WooCommerce.


Artistic direction.
UI Design.
UX Design.

The Reef Sports Experience.

We created an engaging website for Reef Sports that is easy to navigate and showcases their top selling items, quick links for support and a customer gallery.

Streamlined navigation.

We created an elegant and simple navigation system to ensure a seamless user experience for those that visit the website.

A focus on media.

We incorporated an Instagram widget so that Reef Sports’ activity is updated in real-time via the website keeping the content relevant and fresh 24/7.

The Shop.

The Reef Sports shop is built with Woo Commerce within WordPress. WooCommerce is a completely customizable platform and our go-to for e-commerce WordPress websites.

Spin Wheel.

Grow you email list or grow your sales by offering visitors a chance to win a coupon or prize by spinning the wheel of fortune. According to our clients, by adding this element, sign-up rates increase by an average of 200%.

Optimized for mobile.

Of coarse this website will to be used as much on mobile as desktop to book hair appointments so we optimized it to streamline and be 100% responsive on mobile.