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Riva Homes

Upon arrival on the site, the visitor is immersed in the atmosphere with brilliant images and elegant animation. The website is effective, simple and easy to navigate.


Build a website to showcase previous builds and what Riva's capabilities are for new customers.


Designing a website to match Riva's premium standards, showcasing their portfolio and what they can do for potential customers.


Artistic direction.
UI Design.
UX Design.

The Riva Homes Experience.

Upon arrival on the site, the visitor is immersed in the Riva brand experience with captivating images and elegant animation.

Engaging animation.

Rather than sock-standard imagery, we focused on streamlined, sophisticated animation to enhance the feel of the website.

A focus on media.

To add dimension to the website, we incorporated recent articles, a Facebook widget and a Houzz widget for design inspiration. Each of these features enhance the aesthetic and overall user experience.

Build portfolio.

To showcase Riva’s previous builds and increase reputation, we incorporated a build portfolio.

Optimised for mobile.

In today’s busy work, people gravitate towards mobile more than desktop. That is why we’ve optimised Riva Homes’ site to be completely mobile-friendly.