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Website design and build for Rokbro - Systems for Mining, Quarrying and Recycling Industries in New Zealand


Our aim was to create an internationally recognised Rokbro website, adhering to high standards and focusing on a robust, resilient, mobile-friendly, and user-centric design. With over 20 products tailored for the mining industry, our goal was to present this information clearly and aesthetically pleasing manner.


We crafted a tailor-made website to meet the client's specific requirements, utilising the WordPress platform for development.


UI Design.
UX Design.


We designed and built a new website for New Zealand’s newest mining provider – Rokbro


We’re all about video! In just a 10-second clip, you can convey more to a customer than they could gather from spending 5 minutes reading your “About Us” page. Showcasing what your business does and its scale through video not only informs the user but also elevates the website’s overall appeal, making it truly epic!


We implemented a cascading drop-down menu across two levels of the website, facilitating easy navigation to sub-pages. This not only enhances user experience by simplifying the search process but also contributes to a visually appealing and organised layout.


Testimonials hold significant importance for any service or product-oriented company. Therefore, we prominently showcased Rokbro testimonials on the homepage to highlight the positive experiences of our clients.

Product Preview.

Given Rokbro’s extensive product range, we opted to feature previews of each product category on the homepage. This allows visitors to easily navigate through the various categories and explore the diverse range of products offered by Rokbro. Simply click on each category to delve deeper and explore the specific types of products within.