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rStar Design

Frank at rStar design wanted a website that was completely out of the box to compliment his world class helmet designs and we nailed the brief!


Redesign their existing website to be a slick design using Wordpress and WooCommerce.


Design and build a custom website design using Wordpress. Link the WooCommerce shop to both their Instagram and Facebook shopping accounts.


UI Design.
UX Design.
Fb Commerce.

Rstar Design

For this epic artist we design and built a completely ‘out of the box’ website which features a edgy left hand menu design, is video and graphic rich and has a easy to navigate store.

Portfolio Preview.

Scroll through some of rStar’s beautiful helmet designs. Simply click on any you want to see more details of and you get taken to a inner page with more details and imagery.

Left Vector Menu.

Frank being the designer that he is wanted something ‘out of the box’ for the menu and that’s what we have delivered with this funky orange vector graphic!


For the shop we designed it within the site featuring a top tab menu for easy navigation. It features a easy to use drop down filter and slick over-all design.


Testimonials are key especially for a artist. Here we built a custom review section, easily readable by all new website visitors.

Logo Carousel.

We finished off this epic design with a logo carousel. As rStar has so many this was a cool way of giving the site a little bit more animation and feature alot of logos.