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Wanganui Safaris

Upon arrival on the site, the visitor is immersed in engaging video content, taking you on a visual tour of Wanganui Safaris' North and South Island offerings. What better way to show your customers what you are about through video.


Redesign their website to feature video, be mobile friendly and easy to navigate.


Redesign the website with brilliant UX and Wordpress.


Artistic direction.
UI Design.
UX Design.

Wanganui Safaris.

Upon arrival on the site, the visitor is immersed in the brand story. The scroll feature showcases introductory copy and videos to engage viewers.

Simple. Elegant. Direct.


Show what you offer in the best way possible. Video. We offer full video and directing services in addition to any website build.

Instagram Widget.

Keep your website updated in real time with our Instagram widget, hosted just above the website footer. This is a fast and easy way to bring your Instagram feed to life.


Have a lot of images to include on your website? A categorised gallery is essential. Simply click on a category and see the relevant images cascade across the page.

Feature Boxes.

It’s hard to explain your company’s full story in one short paragraph. By including ‘feature boxes’ at the top of the webpage, users can easily digest what your services and offerings are.