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Wanganui Safaris

Upon arrival on the site, the visitor is immersed in video. From a walk through of their North and South Island offerings to a video of the lodge itself. What better way to show your customers what you are about than, video.


Redesign their website to feature video, be mobile friendly and easy to navigate.


Redesign the website with brilliant UX and Wordpress.


Artistic direction.
UI Design.
UX Design.

Wanganui Safaris.

Upon arrival on the site, the visitor is immersed in the atmosphere with an immersive video. Then scroll to find out about Wanganui Safari’s and what they can offer shown all via video.

It’s simple, elegant and direct.


Show what you offer in the best way possible. Video.
We offer full video and directing services additionally to any build, we think its a must!

Instagram Widget.

Keep your website updated in real time with out Instagram widget which can feature just above your website footer. Click any image to view its details then just scroll to see all other images in your feed.


Have alot of gallery content that needs to be filtered by categories? Here we have designed up a gallery with easy to use filters that when clicked will change the cascading images. Easy as and beautiful!

Feature Boxes.

It’s hard enough to tell the user everything you offer in a short paragraph let alone get them to read it! Which is why we have designed up ‘feature boxes’ that tell the user straight away what you specialise in. These boxes show directly under the slideshow so its the second thing they see!