Yes, we are already half way through the year and if you aren’t already utilising these 5 tips you better get started. – Social Media Trends

Lights, Camera, Action.

It’s not news that video is taking the world by storm. With video heavy platforms such as Snapchat and YouTube paving the way and breaking through augmented reality Instagram and Facebook were bound to jump on the bandwagon sooner or later.

Watch out YouTube, Zuckerberg’s latest expedition is to turn Facebook into a video first platform with an algorithm designed to put video first. If you’re not working with video content, better late than never.

Rule of thumb: keep it short and sweet. The majority of your viewers have dropped off after 20 seconds.

 Mobile rules, Desktop drools.

Today, our fast-paced lifestyles mean we are constantly on the move and always on our phones. Mobile comes first, EVERYTIME. Mobile traffic has taken over desktop with over 56% of Facebook user’s logging in ONLY using a mobile device.

Everything your brand does digitally needs to be mobile friendly. In relation to video content, formatting square is key to making the most of the mobile screen size.

Rule of thumb: A mobile responsive website is a must.

 Social Media Influencing. Micro vs Macro.

The world of social media doesn’t revolve around sales, it revolves around conversation. People follow brands and people who they connect with, admire and trust. Social media influencers are a terrific way to promote your brand through a ‘word of mouth’ approach.

Remember, micro influencers are just as important as macro. Though macro influencers offer an enormous reach with millions of followers, in the long run, it’s the micro influencers who have a more real or personal approach.

Rule of thumb: Pick your influencers wisely. After all your brand is what social media influencers say it is.

Live is the new black.

Millennials can spot a fake from a mile away. With many social media platforms introducing live video, stories and chat bots, creating real and raw content is what matters most in 2017. It can be difficult to control but it’s worth having a crack at it. The increased engagement will pay off.

Rule of thumb: Communicate with your followers like they’re an ‘ol’ mate’.

Get Salty

Social media is the driver behind a brand’s image. With every man (or woman) and their dog are using social media, standing out from the crowd has never been more important. After all, “marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell” -Seth Godin

Rule of thumb: Don’t be scared to go where no social media page has gone before.